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22 April, 2020

Plazmalab crew producing movie films whose main purpose is to open our minds or “make us ask and think” about life, ourselves and our environment. 

We went and collected ten movies whether you saw them or not, you have to run another round on them to open your consciousness and be exposed to a little more helpful impressions from the general media that surrounds us every day. 


there are dozens if not hundreds of great-breaking films, but these are the movies we decided to publish at this time, ones that the spirit of the current situation needs them most.

Just before that- 

Prepare some popcorn & beers  [??]

Let's get started!! 

Matrix > The plot portrays a daily reality, while breaking down myths and changing our outlook on life. The film is presented from the eyes of Neo - the hero, who goes through the journey of each of us en route to the point of truth.

"Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" ~One of the cult films considered in the psychedelic culture is based on Hunter S.'s book. Thompson. Johnny Depp and Benissio del Toro in the lead roles give a sharp play throughout the film. 

In 1970s California, Raul Duke and his drug dealer travel to Las Vegas in a red sports car loaded with hallucinogenic drugs and alcohol. The film describes their delusional encounters in ways with different characters, a film that is all-consuming must begin to recognize to understand why it comes inThe film describes their delusional encounters in ways with different characters, a film that is all-consuming must begin to recognize to understand why it comes in.

Cloud Atlas ~One of the time-honored films and minds we knew. Over 500 years, we envision cosmic occurrence and relationships forming between characters.Through coincidences and a puzzle of 'cloud atlas' information takes us to the deceptive place between reality and imagination and between physical and spiritual.

Lucy - definitely mind blowing! The film presents us with a delusional scenario in which Lucy the heroine of the film manages to reach a potential 100 percent of her brain capacity-

which is not possible within the limits of our physical existence. In an hour and a half of knowledge and madness, Luke Besson stretches us to the limit and opens up opportunities to know the cosmic forces that work within and around us.

Alice in wonderland -This movie is definitely not for children only. Alice’s new version of Wonderland is one of the hallucinations that psychedelic cinema knew for its history. Alice's journey to a hidden world within herself (familiar to anyone here ..?) Through the rabbit forgiveness, experiences with perplexing materials, and encounters with extreme characters - the film takes us to a great world that makes it difficult for us to return to reality. 

Pi~The film also takes one of the well-known mathematician theories and introduces the hero - Max Cohen tries to keep his sanity on a journey to cracking the mathematician's code for the secret of human existence and all of creation. 

DMT The spirit molecules- one of the most mysterious substances ever discovered - it is secreted twice during human life naturally when it is born and at the moment of its death.The film takes us into a wonderful spiritual world of healing and astral journey beyond the physical body and touches the invisible soul from one of the most amazing phenomena the human brain has ever seen and experienced




18 February, 2020

Our teams recommendation for music festivals in the summer of 2020
Plazmalab is a unique group of artists, we love our work , we love our art , we live life to its full potential and getting inspiration from nature and music. Our team all over the world will attend many festival, raves and psy festivals at this summer . This is a small summary of some of the festivals plazmalab team will attend, along wuth their thoughts of each festival. Idan & artists crew - will attend the boom festival to create mind blowing art decor.Boom festival already 20 years of psychedelic trance music festival with a main stage -the Dance Temple, for psytrance and natural trance music  the second stage ;Alchemy Circle is for many fresh experimental genres, techno , house music. From the Boom festival our team definitely inspired the most.
Shani - will hide to the Caprices Festival in Switzerland. Situated on the beautiful plateau of Crans-Montana in Southern Switzerland, the festival runs over two weekends providing striking scenes of the Alps at 2,200m altitude in a transparent glass house.
For the past eleven years, Modernity has offered electronic music aficionados an unparalleled clubbing experience in unique contexts and in stunning natural settings. The concept showcases the finest contemporary electronic music DJs in a transparent tent, offering clubbers a daytime party experience with fantastic panoramic views over various locations in Switzerland. Previous editions of Modernity have welcomed some of the most esteemed DJs on the planet, including: Ricardo Villalobos, Sven Väth, Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice, Jamie Jones, Luciano, Martinez Brothers, Seth Troxler, Ben Klock and many more.
Maayan like every single year will attend the fusion festival! 
The Fusion Festival is a music & arts festival with a countercultural character.
It takes place at a former military airport called Müritz Airpark in Lärz, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern,
in northeastern Germany.   
Different musical styles are represented at the festival, but the line up is not released beforehand. Mostly electronic music is present, but there is no stylistic restriction for the various live music acts, and the festival attendees may bring their own instruments. 
The festival also holds its own film festival and features different scales of art installations. Attendees may bring their own art and appear in artistic costumes.
The visuals & music is mind blowing! 
From 1 dance floor to more then 10! 
From Psytrance,techno,deep house,ethnical and many more..
So who's coming?!

06 November, 2019

Plazmalab Octan hoodie - Winter parties need winter clothes: designer hoodies for inspired souls.
We are the hoodie & sweatshirts masters. We are a collective of dreamers - of artists & creators.
This Tribal consciousness of modern life Helps us Design sweatshirts for all you party people.
There’s always a party somewhere. Looking for unique clothing to wear? The combination of comfort and beauty is something that's always in demand from our family of loyal customers. 
Discover our new OCTAN hoodie for men and women, design by EL STARK
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Our hand made Silkscreen graphic add an expressive touch to this hoodie.
It's made of soft cotton cut for a relaxed, easy to wear shape.
Our Women Octan Hoodie: Same features as the men's hoodie, but with a crossover neckline and a large hood with roomy coverage.