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23 February, 2019

Reporting from Plazmalab studio >

As you already noticed- - we get inspired by electronic & psytrance music.

Our inspirational dj for this week is Ace ventura.

Just for you to know - our new designs ACADEMIA & MASKALITO created while llistening Ace ventura's long set from Ozora festival 2018.

Behind the Ace Ventura project is Yoni Oshrat – one of Israel’s biggest talents in electronic music, with a career on top of the scene, stretching for over a decade.

Ace Ventura is one of the leading and busiest DJs & artists on the progressive and psytrance scene.

His music has been rocking the dancefloors, and he has been touring constantly all over the globe playing in every possible venue and headlining all major festivals.

This set definitely took us to the highest leveles in our consciousness.


29 January, 2019

Here at Plazmalab our art has a direct connection to music in all forms & colors. We especially get inspired by electronic & psytrance music. We decided to treat our blog readers and give a few names of poplar dj's that their sets inpire us while sketching. Today's artist: The legendary Captin Hook and hes new just released album: Origin
Captain Hook (Reshef Harari) is one of the top dj musician and producer in the psychedelic trance & progressive trance scene.
Going threw various musical genres he always succeed to be around the electric flow.  By following his intuitions and sonic manipulations he keeps innovating and never stops to amaze his crowd & followers.
Every dance floor knows Captain hook’s sounds & kicks that still rocks festivals, parties and venues all around the world. 

Original, unique, full of motion & psychedelic sounds that will take you far away in your mind and beyond... he definitely blew our mind!

28 November, 2018

Hey there people around the globe! We love seeing you wearing Plazmalab designs and spreading your vibes.
Our treasure box is complete and waiting to be sent out to the 10 most insane photos of people wearing Plazmalab!
Have you seen the treasure box? Pip into our Facebook / Instagram pages to see all the pic’s. 
These are the goodies waiting for you inside: 
* Plazmalab t-shirt (woohoo) 
* Member club robot key chain (will give you a permanent 10% discount)  
* Poster to hang on your wall (or above your fire place)
* Stickers pack (mix of our seasonal sticker)
* Sick screen-printed winner flag 
All you need to do is to follow our steps down below >
Step 1 > wear your fav Plazmalab design 
Step 2 > take a picture of you wearing it 
Step 3 > tag us #Plazmalab 
The one who’s picture rocked our world will get the desired treasures Box!
we’ve got 10 winners & 10 different treasure boxes-
each box can have a different t-shirt, flag or poster design
Guess what? Even if your picture isn’t the chosen 1- if you tag #plazmalab
you will get 10% discount code for buying in our web store 
let’s get the show on the road… can’t wait to see the outcome