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Ozora Festival 2022 - One tribe - One Freedom

03 July, 2022

Ozora Festival
August 1 - 8, Hungary


Far away from the urban vibration, Deep in the Hungarian hills and valleys,  there is a place where the collective tribe is about to unite and celebrate after a long time of patient waiting.

A vast piece of earth - filled with hills and valleys, where love has the power to manifest itself in its highest potential and by that, bringing hearts and souls together in order to rise up to the highest, dive to the lowest - and to come back to the center of life.


Ozora Festival is truly one of the biggest gatherings on earth. a place where magic happens on a momentary basis that brings joy, celebration, tears, laughter and most importantly - Healing.

Each and every time, We The Plazmalab, are super happy to come to this massive and beautiful trance festival, which gives a place to the most extreme psychedelic art to be expressed, both visionary and musical.

Our nomad Plazmashop will be open for everyone to come and hang around, get some shade, explore our new collections of designer clothing, bags, hats and all kinds of new festival fashion goodies.


We have a very strong gut feeling that  this gathering will bring the hidden energy which was kept for over two years into manifestation - an experience of a wide collective eruption of unconditional love.


We hope to see all of you and to share this beautiful energy in the best and most open way possible

So see you soon, in the shop - or in the heart of the dance floors :) 

Plazmalab Family