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Boom Festival 2022 - New Moon

11 April, 2022

Many moons have passed, so many we would rather not  go into counting them. After such a long time of uncertainty and worldwide Covid restrictions and closures, A new moon rises - A moon so powerful and full of light, penetrates this black Covid screen that has been built for the last couple of years. its shining beams of light cracks this screen open - allowing new energies to gently flow in, stabilizing all organisms on this earth.  The new moon brings an energy of reuniting - worldwide. Festivals and gatherings come from the deep ground, full of new visions, at last - making their way to the surface of the Psy-trance scene, rich with new manifestations that will see light in the very near future.   One of main summer music festivals,  that are slowly sprouting their way up to the surface - is the great and worldwide known BOOM Festival - A leading event that brings tens of thousands of people, to step on the same land at the same time - all will a common and shared wish to dance, talk, cry, laugh, release and love themselves and their surroundings. Boom Festival is a biannual event that gives its fruits to many people for over more than 20 years, in and out of the festival itself. Its high energies have the ability to reach so far, it’s a very spoken event with a deep impact on psychedelic culture around the world. Lead by “Good Mood Production” - Boom festival’s main vision is to unite. unite in honor of freedom, music, art, performances - simply, Freedom. With a pin-point accurate number of 33,333 participants, The geometric vibration is spreading all across Boomland, affecting and supporting the people who came to celebrate their process of life.   The next Boom edition will take place on New moon, July 22nd - 29th,  On the sacred Boomland of Idanha-a-nova lake, Portugal. So many new ideas and special content has been put on this edition, the excitement is felt in every inch of the body - worldwide speaking.  A massive wave of artists from the wide musical spectrum - Psytrance, Darkpsy, Forest, Techno, Live shows, sound healing and many more genres - as well as endless colors of the artistic rainbow of dancers, fire performers, painters, sculptures, wood carvers and so many more - all working around linear time and surfing on the wave of artistic freedom - coming to bring a unified message of love and light into every heart and soul.   We, the Plazmalab family - are extremely thrilled to have another opportunity to be a part of Boom Festival, to have the chance to show ourselves in a wider, deeper and higher way of artistic expression. In the last edition we got the honor to decorate the massive main stage of the Dance Temple. This year we are going for it - Big time. We truly wish to spread our visions more and more, to unite people by a diverse energy of visual arts. So this year we have a big mission and we are in our best shape in order to make it happen. *A new and improved Plazmalab shop - full of new clothing and artwear, imprinted with the scent of the season and psychedelic festival fashion - so many special, unique, new and original designs and festival vibe clothing are in the making - it’s beyond counting. *Plazmalab is decorating the new official clothes collection of Boom Festival 2022, as well as the official BoomShop on Boomland - So many new designs, clothes and fresh festivals accessories are coming up in the very near future and the thrill to share it to the world is higher than ever. *The Plazmalab family will also decorate both the Alchemy Circle Stage and the massive Art Gallery - the designs are crazy and beyond anything we ever made, slowly coming from our finest minds of Plazmalab designers, builders, carpenters and many more. So yes, the excitement is beyond belief and the digestion of the fact that we have so much space of expression is truly stunning. We feel humbled and blessed to collaborate in such ways of pure art and creation, ways of truth and respect, ways of love. We truly recommend and wish for you to participate in this special edition of Boom festival A massive energetic explosion that has been kept silent for so long - is about to burst out from the sacred ground of Boomland. We sure won't miss it - will you?  

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Modem Festival 2021 - Hope for the tribe

10 August, 2021

Modem Festival 2021 - Hope for the tribe We all agree that the last year and a half have not been the brightest on the festival grounds around the world. The pandemic brought with it a forced silence that covered the dancefloors worldwide and festivals were shut down and fell into a coma. Social networks are filled with sad pictures of amazing orphaned locations from happy people who are used to attending every year to the only ceremony that sets them free and reconnects them with themselves. Hundreds of depressing posts about cancellations and postponement of events with the hope that "soon" it'll all get back to normality mode and you could really feel the productions doing everything in their power to make the events happen. Luckily for us, our tribe is strong and determined individuals who have managed to come up with particularly creative solutions and it happens right now! One of the space pioneers of who broke through the psychedelic "fence" are holding an amazing event this week - Modem Festival 2021!  For those unfamiliar with this wonderful festival, this is one of the most special festivals on the planet. 3 bubbling dancefloors from different styles of music with an emphasis on Dark, Twilight, Forest, Zenon, Experimental and Pure Psychedelia. On their site they defined themselves best:  “Festival promotes underground psychedelic sounds and cutting edge visual and experimental art. Mo: Dem politics is not about expanding its numbers of visitors but investing in quality and content „. This year, the production team decided to split the festival into 2 events in order to meet the bureaucracy needed to hold events in Europe and to maintain the health of the participants while showing responsibility and professionalism. Once we heard about it. we had no doubt! We're there! Our Berlin team gathered all the European pirates from Plasma Lab, packed up our new collection and the crazy accessories we worked hard on ahead of the festival season and flew towards the Promised Land of Modem. We are happy to update you that our store there is just waiting to meet you. Come for a hug and a smile

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Hanging Gardens of Babylon

23 June, 2021

As you must know by now - We've opened our own club-bar that goes by the name Bavel which is our very own playground and while it's in the heart of Tel Aviv it has a true underground vibe we managed to create through our worldwide travels. We are full of excitement shaping the space from the ground up and adding more and more layers to bring it to life. There's no doubt that we all miss our festival season and for maintaining our sanity we decided it's a good time to open the club. It's psychedelic, urban, and underground with the intention to trigger hidden subconscious visions you've never felt before. In the picture what you are seeing is part of the structures we've built on the club's walls as an homage to Babylon city that will be mapped to create a 1 of a kind projection to expand your horizons. We are so lucky to have such an experienced team behind us and we would like to thank Idan, the project manager, Noa Afriat for designing, Dubi for constructing it all together, and Aviv for the lighting and LEDs. We're dying to see it all come to life. Don't worry, we'll keep you updated on the progress until the club is officially open. Stay tuned!

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