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2021 - Salvador Dali year at Plazmalab

12 April, 2021

Plazmalab is a collective which is based on ideas that are flying in from different psychedelic sources. What inspires us most are unique characters and cultures. One of the people that had a major influence on the plazma lab both visually and conceptually is no other than the crazy, visionary Spanish artist Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí or in short, fricking Salvador Dali. One of the most controversy figures of the 30’s for being an admirer of weird art and an extravagant personality - Dalí's artistic repertoire included painting, graphic arts, film, sculpture, design and photography which he all mastered flawlessly. You can find quotes from Dali which tell a whole story about his persona and his creative thinking “I don’t do drugs, I am drugs” or “have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it”, what can you really expect from a man who’s been standing on his head for long periods of time just to reach a higher visionary state and try to extend the lever of his own consciousness? Every once in a while, we take our time to create a homage as a tribute to one of the artists that have a big influence on our creation and it is our way of thanking these amazing artists. 2021 is the Salvador Dali year here at the Plazmalab studio - He is our main inspiration for the new collection and the person we want to thank most for his creativity and inspiring art. One of our crazy talented designers, El Stark, has entered a special state of mind of her own to create our interpretation towards Dali’s art. Long hours of hallucinogenic work   that included channeling with entities and not only getting out of the box, but breaking it entirely led her to create the most fascinating and precise designs. We invite you to check out the new shirts inspired by and in memory of Salvador Dali that are just waiting to wrap you at a psychedelic festival or a pumping dance floor.


Our hats are finally here!

11 February, 2021

There’s a ritual here at the lab that is as old as our existence.  We gather as many ideas as possible and write them all up in our idea notebook – the main problem is that we are big dreamers and spend all our love and magic in every item we create and it takes time until the ideas from our special notebook come to life. We are thrilled to announce that one of our oldest ideas from the same dream book has come to life – our very own hats curated carefully with a unique, wacky look straight from our lab. We love the idea of creating wearable items that are mysterious in nature and the hat is one of these items – no one knows when the 1st hat was created but if we take a cruise down history lane – we’ll find that the earliest known confirmed hat was worn by a Bronze Age man whose body (including his hat) was found frozen in a mountain between Austria and Italy, where he had been since around 3250 BC.  Our time machine rolls back to today and we are super proud to take part in the glorious history of hats. Every person (or alien) needs a hat to protect his creative ideas from vaporizing into thin air and once again, we got your back! (or head for this occasion). 2 special designs that are different from each other in their mind craft but are equal in their top-quality handcraft. The SOLOS hat is our urban design that blends between Babylon and the spiritual world with the 3rd eye to keep you traveling around reality as if you were inside an artistic dream. And the TWIZI hat that features the fox print from our other clothes which you love so much - so we figured this cutie deserves his own hat. It’s black all around and super sturdy and has the right vibe and chick for any occasion. Both of our brand-new hats are made of 100% cotton and fitted with Metal adjustable buckles for the perfect fit on your head. SUPER LIMITED STOCK - BE SURE NOT TO MISS THEM  


Breaking Plazmatic News!!

23 December, 2020

After 10 years in our studio, PlazmaLab as you know it is saying goodbye. And moving to our bigger, better, and improved futuristic studio - A NEW HOME!   We’re so happy to announce that we’re moving forward, towards a brighter, more precise future. And saying goodbye to many unforgettable memories and experiences.  We’ve been through so much in this old and loving studio, so much has happened here. Over 2,000 printed designs, hundreds of thousands of orders, amazing projects, and custom created lines and merch for events, DJs, tattoo artists, and countless big corporations that wanted to brand themselves Plazmatic.   Don’t worry, we’re not going to change! We’re going to keep the same old story, the story of a happy loving family - wherever we may go. We welcome everyone that walks through the doors of our home. That is what we hold dear to us. The fact that human connections and relations mean so much to us. See, it’s not so random to see PlazmaLab’s owner, Idan, sitting with the UPS driver for a cup of black coffee, laughing and talking about the wonders of life. Idan is always busy, but will always find the time to live his life, even if it means longer hours after nightfall. That is our essence, our passion - Life. And that story is not going to change.   The Same Set of Values And Principles! Where our hearts lie - professionally/ Yup! As you probably know, Plazmalab is founded on its community of artists - Collective of Dreams™. And our studio is divided into 3 sectors of visual creation, physical fabric matching, cutting, and production division. That means, that if want it or not, our great and twisted minds, are separated across 3 floors. Our new studio will be unifying the divided parts to a whole, in one big creating area - in a pool of muse and communication, where twisted minds meet to create even more precise dreams into reality. There is no ego to be found around here, everybody’s opinion counts into play. Yes, the UPS guy’s opinion too, and it’s something to be appreciated. See, communication without boundaries is empowering: as we are all single-minded humans, doing a single-handed job. An extra hand or perspective, in creation - is something highly important that we admire, like a person whose breath always smells of gum. Hence, one big working ground - one mind. Therefore, better results - for you! Everything’s for you!!!   Nostalgia time! While collecting our past, boxing and sealing everything, we’ve found many memories, Including our Magic Bus metal art, which we drove across 350 festivals in Europe. Special designs that have been forgotten exactly to be found now at the right time for them. We found the materials and 3D simulations used to build the epic stages for epic festivals around the world, including the Boom Festival. We’ve also found a wallet, if you know one Alexa Lecht, let her know it’s here. Well, the section about things we’ve found is getting long. But be sure we’ve found more stuff!! We’re just polite so we’ll move on.   Quality Control: See, the main reason we have many divided sectors for creation, and not one for design and the rest is in a factory in China, is that like everything else, you can’t really control the quality of the outcome if you don’t make it yourself, control the process - control the final product. Also, hm, QUALITY! Our clothing quality is unmatched. Why, ‘cause we’re not profitable. We invest too much in the desired quality of the end product (i.e silk printing - google it) that in big corporations’ eyes: it’s weird.  And we plan to stay weird, but better, and stronger, and taller!!! Yeah, I said taller.   In the process of moving, we’re donating thousands of items to several non-profit organizations and homes in need, to end our time here with a smile.   What does the future hold? Didn’t I say lasers already? So, first, better and improved teamwork and production for even better quality end-products that will exceed everything remotely familiar! Second, a see-through tattoo parlor in the middle of the studio for guest tattoo artists from all around the world. More space, for more creation and dreamers, meaning more ideas, designs, and many different products. And, well, a new home.   Let me quote Frankie here for an emotional ending: “...My friends, I'll say it clear I'll state my case of which I'm certain I've lived a life that's full I traveled each and every highway But more, much more than this I did it my way…”   To bright endings, and even brighter beginnings! Let the adventure begin! Woohoo!