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2021 פסטיבל אינדינגב

06 June, 2021

שנה שלמה ללא הופעות, מסיבות, תרבות או חיי לילה. ממש שנה שלמה על מיוט, ללא פס קול שמלווה אותנו והנה עברנו חיסונים, סגרים וממשלות והאופק נראה בהיר. לפני מספר ימים קיבלנו טלפון משמח שהתחיל במשפט ״אינדינגב 2021 קורה, אנחנו צריכים קולקציה חדשה״ אתם יכולים לתאר את האושר שלנו בתור אמנים שמשתוקקים לפסטיבלים כאשר שמענו את הבשורה המשמחת שאחד מהפסטיבלים הכי מיוחדים של מוזיקה אלטרנטיבית מודיע על חזרתו ואנחנו אלו שאחראים על הנראות האופנתית שלו. לא חלפו המון רגעים עד ששינסנו מותניים ונכנסנו למעבדה עד שיצא עשן צבעוני ומכל החלונות. התוצאה היא קולקציית חולצת ותיק רישמים של הפסטיבל שקל מאוד להתאהב בהם. הקו המנחה היה שאנחנו צריכים לייצר מזכרת פרקטית להפסטיבל ולא עוד חולצה או אקקסוריז, לכן העיצוב הוא האדם אל מול העיר החלומית של האינדינגב ותיק שבו יוכל לאחסן את כל הזכרונות במהלך הפסטיבל. מקווים שאתם משתוקקים לפחות כמונו! אינדינג 2021 כאן וקורה עם ליין אפ אקלקטי משובח כמו שרק הם יודעים להרכיב. נתראה בקרוב

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Ajja – Oddular - the 3rd album

13 May, 2021

Ajja – Oddular The wait is over and it is finally here – the 3rd album from the swiss producer we all love so much – Ajja! Born in London in 1975, AJJA grew up roaming the planet with his world-renowned family of tattoo artists and travelers. Wandering across the world and bathed in various artistic scenes, he was provided with a constant creative drive. He started playing guitar when he was nine years old, and having been reared in a rock’n’roll and funk atmosphere, he first concentrated on these musical styles. By his mid-teens, he had composed, produced, and recorded over one hundred original songs. He performed with a number of live bands in different countries and continued to create music and release rock albums for another decade. During this time, he also picked up the family trade and started tattooing alongside his parents and older brother Filip Leu. Ajja is a multi-talented artist – he composes music for theater plays, designs Peak Records covers with his partner Tanina Munchkina, designs web applications, and works as a tattoo artist in his family’s shop in Lausanne, Switzerland. His latest album features 10 never-heard-of tracks that take us straight to the dancefloor with pumping beats that are meant for 1 thing and 1 thing only – make any dancefloor dance in a perfect rhythm of melodies and beats curated in a masterful way that only Ajja can provide. A true Jam! CHECK IT OUT

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2021 - Salvador Dali year at Plazmalab

12 April, 2021

Plazmalab is a collective which is based on ideas that are flying in from different psychedelic sources. What inspires us most are unique characters and cultures. One of the people that had a major influence on the plazma lab both visually and conceptually is no other than the crazy, visionary Spanish artist Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí or in short, fricking Salvador Dali. One of the most controversy figures of the 30’s for being an admirer of weird art and an extravagant personality - Dalí's artistic repertoire included painting, graphic arts, film, sculpture, design and photography which he all mastered flawlessly. You can find quotes from Dali which tell a whole story about his persona and his creative thinking “I don’t do drugs, I am drugs” or “have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it”, what can you really expect from a man who’s been standing on his head for long periods of time just to reach a higher visionary state and try to extend the lever of his own consciousness? Every once in a while, we take our time to create a homage as a tribute to one of the artists that have a big influence on our creation and it is our way of thanking these amazing artists. 2021 is the Salvador Dali year here at the Plazmalab studio - He is our main inspiration for the new collection and the person we want to thank most for his creativity and inspiring art. One of our crazy talented designers, El Stark, has entered a special state of mind of her own to create our interpretation towards Dali’s art. Long hours of hallucinogenic work   that included channeling with entities and not only getting out of the box, but breaking it entirely led her to create the most fascinating and precise designs. We invite you to check out the new shirts inspired by and in memory of Salvador Dali that are just waiting to wrap you at a psychedelic festival or a pumping dance floor.

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