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Modular Festival 2022 - Swiss psychedelic vibrations

06 July, 2022

Modular Festival - Switzerland

September 9 - 12 


Far away from civilization, on a massive green piece of blessed swiss earth, which stands in front of the wide Emmental Valley - A gathering of cultural diversity is about to come to life in the most potent way. thousands of people coming together with an open heart in a big trance festival, with one collective purpose of unifying and harmonizing between the body and spirit, in order to rise up together to a higher level of consciousness. 


Modular Festival is a vision which stands on a pure foundation of psychedelic art and music. A foundation which creates a solid base for people to come and be themselves, explore the wide experience of life through musical expression, art, nature, silence, noise, tears, laughter and all kinds of emotional journeys which are inherited in the human experience. 


A breathtaking decoration and an accurate sound system will provide a vibrating dancefloor, filled with musical artists from all edges of styles and genres - to bring a lush and colorful musical liftoff. 


We the Plazmalab are thrilled to take part in this beautiful psy trance festival and we are coming fully equipped with the plazmalab vibe. No need to hesitate when it comes to hanging at our shop - checking our new collections of clothes, jewelry, festival accessories and plenty more of Plazmalab art.


We will be waiting for all of you to come and hang around, vibrating love is guaranteed :)


See you soon you guys,