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The Berghain club in Berlin is closing the gates - Rumors or true facts?

02 November, 2022

Strange days are passing in the nightclub scene in Berlin.
New players are popping, different and diverse musical streams are taking over the dancefloors - It really seems like the Covid period gave birth to a new mutation of clubbers which are hungry for some nights full of excitement and mind bending music.
It’s no secret and it’s quite a fact that one of the oldest and outstanding clubs in Berlin is the Berghain - A gray dark night monster which is extremely hard to catch in pictures, due to a very strict protection on individual privacy.
We’ve all heard urban stories about these delirious nights in this technoid institute -  And of course that the Plazmalab family have also had the same effect, the infinitely “long cue experience” of the Berghain, which hundreds of people from all over the world have learned how to avoid it, full length manuals have been written on how to pass the club’s extremely hard entrance selection, legends were passed on from one to another about leather stained boogie stories, Heavy techno, radical freedom and things which only the Berghain’s walls will be able to tell.
Lately there have been many rumors and articles popping around the electronic scene, a rumor which basically says that after 18 years of pretty much constant activity, The ‘Berghain’ club in Berlin, Germany - is closing its gates for good by the end of this year, without any known vision of opening again..
 All of the sources seem to look very reliable, but we had to check it for ourselves.
From some online sources:
“Feels like the club owners kind of had up to it in the techno scene - and each and every one of the partners seems to wish to go in other paths in life. From the source, comes the message that the owners will not pass the club to other management - something which symbolizes a true virtue of loyalty and devotion for a vision, and when the vision starts to fade, it’s time to let go.” 
We’ve also asked the opinion of some of our friends from the scene, some of them are clubbers and night life free birds, some of them are booking agencies and some are very famous Djs - And they all share the same say: “It is a malicious rumor which was created to blut the pure vibration around the Berghain and to create a heavy serious FOMO all around the scene.
Interesting, Isn't’ it?
18 years of activity is a whole bunch of unforgettable experiences, memories, musical journeys and an atmosphere of complete, nonjudgmental freedom, being led by the most famous dj and artists on the techno scene such as Boris, Norman Nodge, Ben Klock, Nick Höppner, Richie Hawtin and many many more. 
We the Plazmalab, as a pure alternative being, used to love to go to the Berghain and simply get inspired by the crazy vibration which surrounds this place. And every time we are back in the studio after the ‘Berghain experience’ we get totally inspired by some of our winter jackets, coats, hoodies and even some clubby accessories.
 What else is there to say? Well, we are waiting just like you to understand what the freak is going on over there and we truly hope that it is just a rumor. 
Till then, we are at the Berghain - See you at the cue.