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Goa season is coming - Hilltop time

08 October, 2022


The winter has already started to show its potential and we are receiving it with full gratitude and wishes for the amazing future which lies ahead of us.


With that said, as we all know, each season has a beautiful unique vibration and this time we are referring to the amazing portal which is about to open in the beautiful Goa, India.

So many magical things are happening on this beautiful land.. .whether it’s the captivating beaches, beautiful people all around, creative and artistic expression is being poured all over the place, and extremely psychedelic events are popping out like mushroom circles after the rain.
one of these event venues, Hilltop Goa - is surely one of the most outstanding places. A sort of a psychedelic pilgrimage realm, which resides in a beautiful location and has the perfect combination of authenticity, dark and light harmony, life celebration vibes and extremely good music ;)

Hilltop hosts plenty of quality events such as: Monsoon blast, New years eve

the Goa collective bazaar and many many more.

And speaking of quality - each event holds a stunning arsenal of musical masters - usually from all over the world.  Astrix, Outsiders, Avalon, Arjuna, Kindzadza, are just a tiny glimpse of the endless list of the artists which launched the hilltop spaceship into the highest dimensions.

Do you feel it? It's like the proper set and settings to have a wonderful experience of music, art, love and freedom.

And when it comes to art - the Plazmalab is being dragged like a scent coming from grandma’s kitchen - irresistible.
So we got the honor and chance to collaborate with hilltop and we already have a nice collection of Hilltop themed clothes and accessories, which are available in our online shop, The  Plazmalab TLV, israel - or at our Plazmalab shop in Goa, during the season -
And of course we are fully equipped with a heavy arsenal of fresh new plazmalab
designs and prints, button shirts, amazing art prints and many more surprises which you are more than welcome to check out ;)

Nothing like coming to a place we are delighted and honored to call home - where the family is a bunch of crazy artistic musical freaks, nature is sprouting and blooming all around and supporting the plazmalab vibration to spread all over - from the roots to the skies.

We hope to see you hopping and jumping, relaxing and releasing, celebrating life and simply enjoying the presence in the moment


For the meantime - keep it real and and keep shining  - Plazmalab style

Picture credits: Hilltop Goa