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Hadra Trance Festival 2022 - Pure French Psychedelic Playtime

06 July, 2022

Hadra Trance Festival - France

August 25 - 28


Ohhh the French people.. :)

It feels like they are all about fun and games, laughter and good vibrations. Hadra Festival is a beautiful gathering that earned a very good reputation around the world from it's very early days.
Whether it is the amazing vibration, the highly professional team, which  manages to bring a beautiful  musical variety, art and theater vibes and many more psychedelic, funny, and weird surprises - Hadra is for sure a recommendation.


Plazmalab is super happy to be taking part in this freaky funny festival and we are coming fully equipped with the plazmalab vibe. you are waaay more than welcome to join us at our shop - plenty of psychedelic goodis such as  clothes, jewelry, festival accessories and plenty more of Plazmalab art.


So if you’re around come and hang out.  a vibrating love is guaranteed :)


See you soon you guys,


Photo Credits:
Guigui Photographie