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Modem Festival 2022 - When Intensity Meets Softness

22 June, 2022

Modem Festival - Croatia

August 8 - 14th

In one of the most beautiful places on earth, deep in the Croatian wilderness, A very powerful  gathering is about to manifest. A gathering which is all about bringing the light from the depths of the soul into human life. A special tribe of warriors which thrives and unite in order to take place in one of the best dark psychedelic trance festivals you can find. 


Modem Festival is well known for it’s freakyness and diversity. On one hand it has the intensity of a monster, on the other hand it has an embracing hug which allows you to fly high on a feather bed - The perfect combination for all of you human beings that are all about deep deep exploration.


Modem Festival’s land is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, Has a stunning arsenal of Psychedelic musical geniuses from the highest dimensions, which spreads on more than 3 different stages, And visual Projections that take your eyes captive and will leave them wide open in the most psychedelic way you can think of.


Got a bit too much in the Main floor? no worries :) Just take a walk down the stairs and find your calm place near the water, or deeper into the waterfalls, while the music keeps you pumping love all around. 


As you all know, Plazmalab adores the freaky, calm, and any energy there is in between :)

So be sure that you will find us there, bouncing between dimensions through the music, or hanging in our neat shop which is always filled with love. 

So if you are around and wanna have some plazmalab vibes - make sure you come look my shop ;)

An abundance of fresh goodies including designer clothing, all kinds of psychedelic wear, , hoodies, hats, bags and many more accessories from all kinds.


We hope to see you all very soon

the Plazmalab Family :)