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Fusion Festival 2022 - The Silence Before The Storm

22 June, 2022

Fusion Festival - Germany

June 29 - July 3


Very soon, A massive wave of human beings will come together to create an energetic maelstrom in order to bring power, love and light to our current life. 


Since 1997, Fusion Festival has been manifested in accuracy on a giant piece of land which once was a big military base.

A big massive gathering, rich with an abundance of musical vibrations, artistic expression, psychedelic creativity and most importantly - a good amount of free and unconditional love. 


The Fusion Festival is all about combining different styles of underground electronic music and various other styles. A place for people to free their minds from their everyday lives.

People go to the Fusion to experience a different level of themselves and their surroundings,  where experiencing one another freely, sharing love for music and art connects different scenes and minds. 

Fusion Festival is about Massive stages, stunning visual art and projections, endless avenues of shops from all kinds of anything you can possibly think of, and of course  - an almost endless list of musical geniuses.

We, the Plazmalab, are  going to be open throughout the festival and we invite you all to come and check out our new collections of clothes, bags, hats, accessories and much more. 


So make sure you drop by - a pure loving vibration is guaranteed

See you at the heart of the Fusion

Plazmalab Family.