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Masters Of Puppets Festival 2022 - “The higher the dimension, The smaller the tribe”

03 July, 2022

Masters Of Puppets Festival - Czech Republic

July 4 - 10


Somewhere deep in the vast forests of Czech Republic, an unexpected manifestation of an intense adventure and exploration is slowly rising.

In this amazing piece of embracing earth,  comes a very unique and special tribe for an extreme experience, A test and challenge for the human mind to go through the darkest places of consciousness in order to pick a shining light for the human armor.

Masters Of Puppets is an event which is based on pure intensity and some sort of Compulsive therapy :) 

A gathering for the brave souls which seeks to find their inner core with the most intense, fast, knee shaking and mind bursting music. 

A dance floor full with energy, which is being spread and comes deep into each and every one of the human souls, bringing that vibration of light out of darkness to realization.

We have to admit, that even though the atmosphere and concept of this crazy festival is all about darkness, it feels that there is a beautiful process of embracing love that grows from the lowest point, to the highest, taking everyone on a black, yet super colorful psychedelic journey.

Plazmalab is super happy to come and spread some vibes at the festival. our shop is LOADED with a massive collection of darkish clothes and accessories, so make sure you come by to say hi and get something to fit you in the best way we have to offer.

So see you freaks very soon, in the middle of the dance floor, or in our shop  :)