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23 June, 2019

This is just the beginning of our Vini Vici collection just in time for the 2019 summer tour 

Music is endless and even though we've heard a lot of kinds, Each time,special music will take us to another space.

There's always high moments with VINI-VICI'S music.  VINI VICI (Aviram Sahari & Matan Kadosh) both well - known, experienced electronic music producers and was formed with an intention to express their love for the old school sound,

paired with progressive ideas - and then they conquered the world with their music.

Although the VINI VICI jam is labeled as Psytrance , their catalysmic , yet authentic & mesmersing sound took them way beyond the psychedelic world spectrum.

The innovation duo manage to shatter the glass ceiling of the psychedelic scene , leading the tribe into a new zone.

Amazing to see how much a childhood dream and infinite ambition can achieve.

Beyond all the successes, the most admirable thing about VINI VICI is that no matter how big or far they go -  they always maintain their worldview as good vibes win.

#Join the tribe

06 June, 2019

STROKE is the worlds first art fair for urban art, Street Art and New Contemporary Art. 

Every year Plazmalab participating in the stroke fair.

Like no other fair, STROKE combines the textual and intellectual qualitaties of a serious art fair with the unique and creative approach to a new generation of artists and art lovers.

Within then last 10 years, stroke presentend more than 350 live artists from all around the globe.

This year we took a special part for us, one of our artists Noa Afriat painted a live art piece called Lusid Dream.
Thank you for wonderful time!
Can't wait for our next year at the fair.

30 April, 2019


We all know that a many companies from developed countries produce the majority of their products in underdeveloped countries. In many cases this means exploitation and inequality. Out of almost 75 million people working in the textile industry, approximately 80% are women working in bad conditions in exchange for a very low wage.

Fashion Revolution, which is a global movement for a more sustainable textile industry, came about in 2013 to make known the stories behind the people who make clothes. It believes in and fights to radically change the way clothes are obtained so they are made safely, cleanly and fairly.

To achieve responsible sustainable fashion it must first be transparent.

To do so, the constant aim is to unify all the distributors, customers and companies which share this philosophy to achieve precisely that, i.e. transparency.

Fashion Revolution Week event from 22th to 28th April, coincides with the date the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh collapsed, that is, 24th April 2013, killing around 1130 people, most of whom worked in textile factories.

This week centres on the campaign #whomademyclothes?, designed to encourage consumers to ask brands and retailers about the people who make the clothes they wear, and to demand greater transparency in their production processes. At the same time, we the companies undertake to answer all the questions with words and pictures.

Here are a few faces of the people who are a part of the process of making the clothes at Plazmalab