Our Story

In a unique loft overlooking the city of tel-aviv there is a creative laboratory called plazmalab. This is a place where our team of artistic scientists constantly experiment on new ways of 

morphing visions from mind to fabric.


it is extremely important for us to be fully involved in every aspect of the production, from finding the highest quality fabrics and meticulously choosing our colors to constantly improving 

our cuts which are also made in the studio. 



We are always trying to come up with new fresh designsand ways to refine our printing techniques, so that we know the product you get is in the highest-quality possible. All our t-shirts, hoodies and other products are made here at the lab. Everything is designed in-house. We do not use any form of labor that encourages the ill treatment of another human being.



We work with a team of in-house designers, each one has his own style and flare. we also like to team up with guest artists and are always looking for new talents and fresh ideas. We want to encourage people to use their minds and artistic ability, to nurture and cultivate talent. so please don’t be shy, Let us see what you can do.