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Foursquare Ring

Designed by: Livia


This Sterling Silver Ring is very comfortable to the finger due to it’s airy shape and delicate thickness. The geometrical pattern of the Foursquare ring is inspired from the buildings around us in big cities which gives it an urban feel. 


  • Delivery depends on production, this item is custom made (maximum production time is 2 weeks)
This ring is made out of 36 perforated, squares spread over 3 rows.
This piece has been designed using advanced computational software. It has been 3D printed in wax to finally be casted traditionally in sterling silver. The details of this ring can only be reached using the 3D print technology.
Each piece is then, cleaned and polished individually by the designer to give it, this CAPTIVATING DEPTH.
Size : (7) – 54.5
Width : 1.5cm