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14 June, 2023

Embracing the Festival Season

It's that time of year again when fans of electronic music and the psychedelic tribe congregate at various events to celebrate life and culture.
At numerous festivals, the psychedelic tribe and electronic music fans unite to celebrate life and culture.

Plazmalab's connection to culture has always existed, ingrained in our DNA. Festivals are essential to our year because they allow us to decompress, reconnect with the rhythm, and unleash our creative potential. We feel at home in this thriving culture, surrounded by pals who share our enthusiasm.

Psytrance and psychedelic festivals foster an environment where creativity, music, and self-expression coexist. It is a place where you can enter a state of transcending consciousness thanks to mind-bending sights, pulsing beats, and hypnotic performances. Plazmalab knows how these celebrations can enliven your senses and inspire your creativity. Join us as we celebrate the limitless potential of music and art by getting lost in the beat and blending with the throbbing energy of the psychedelic rave scene.

Plazmalab enthusiastically anticipates your attendance at these captivating meetings as the festival season gets underway. We are prepared to accompany you on this enchanted adventure during the festival season with our incredible range of psychedelic clothes & accessories, such as hats, kimonos, hoodies, and a fresh new collection of psychedelic t-shirts for the hot season. And our in-depth knowledge of the culture. As we embrace the vivid spirit of psychedelic festivals, psytrance festivals, and psychedelic parties, let us join together in celebrating art, music, and self-expression. So be ready; let Plazmalab be your dependable travel buddy as you set out on your life-changing experience. Let's work together to make priceless memories and appreciate festivals' unique access to culture. On the dance floor, we go!

Take a look at this exciting list of festivals our shop will be at:

Psychedelic Experience (Germany, 01.05.06): A unique psychedelic experience that pushes the limits of vision and consciousness, Psychedelic Experience is a transforming journey that combines cutting-edge music, perplexing visuals, and immersive art installations.
German festival Forest Explosion, held from June 15–18, draws festival-goers in with its ethereal atmosphere and carefully chosen psytrance and forest music program. Through dancing and connecting with the mysterious energy of the forest, the event gives a special connection to nature.
Czech Republic, March 3–September 9, 2007): Master of Puppets is well known for its solid and ominous atmosphere, attracting fans of experimental, darkpsy, and industrial music. The event creates an exotic experience by fusing throbbing sounds with beautiful visual art and immersive stage architecture.

HIVE (Germany, 14.–16.07.): HIVE stands out with its emphasis on the underground techno scene. Modern techno musicians who play aggressive beats in a desolate industrial backdrop are featured at the festival. Audience members should prepare themselves for mind-blowing audiovisual productions that push the limits of the genre.
VUUV (Germany, 21–24 July): Fans have been enthralled by the renowned psytrance festival VUUV for over two decades. VUUV delivers an uplifting and transforming experience, embracing the essence of the psytrance culture, and is famous for its colorful and eclectic lineup, immersive decorations, and a strong sense of community.

OZORA (Hungary, 31.07.–06.08.): OZORA is the place to be for fans of psytrance and psychedelic culture. OZORA delivers a holistic experience beyond the confines of a traditional music festival and celebrates art, spirituality, and self-expression with its expansive grounds, mind-expanding art installations, and a wide range of workshops and activities.
DROPS (15–20.08), Slovenia In a stunning natural backdrop, DROPS delivers a blend of several musical genres, such as psytrance, techno, and chill-out. DROPS enables guests to immerse themselves in music, nature, and community in its cozy setting and scenic surroundings.

GAGALACKA (31.08.–4.09.09): GAGALACKA represents the colorful and eccentric side of the psytrance movement. With its focus on innovative sounds, perplexing sights, and interactive art pieces, GAGALACKA creates a joyful and outlandish environment that honors diversity.
CAMAKAVUM (Germany, 8–10, 2009): CAMAKAVUM is a small, close-knit event emphasizing progressive and psychedelic trance. The festival provides a more individualized and tight experience that enables visitors to form lasting bonds with the performers, the community, and the serene surroundings.

CRISPY (Germany, 21–24.09.): This techno and psytrance fusion festival features a broad roster of cutting-edge performers on several stages. The event embraces the ethos of underground music by fostering a welcoming community of like-minded music lovers and a high-energy environment with mind-blowing graphics.

Boom (Portugal): The renowned international gathering, Boom Festival, crosses genres and boundaries. Boom delivers a transforming experience that embraces togetherness, consciousness, and diversity with its commitment to sustainability, imaginative art installations, and a varied lineup ranging from psytrance to world music and cultural diversity.

Modem (Croatia) is unique. The modem allows guests to experience the intersection of music, technology, and creativity, pushing the limits of the underground electronic scene. It is known for its immersive stages, mind-expanding visuals, and carefully curated roster.

Fusion (Germany): The festival of the same name is a lively celebration of art, music, and community. Fusion promotes a utopian setting where guests may immerse themselves in creativity, self-expression, and social activism, encouraging a sense of connection and solidarity. Its vast roster of electronic and live performers, immersive art installations, and participatory workshops accomplishes this.

Which dance floor will we find you on?