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Plazmalab’s Psytrance point of view - 10 iconic psychedelic trance tracks

16 March, 2023

Plazmalab has been around for quite a while now – for over two decades we have been dwelling in gatherings and festivals around the world, getting inspired by every artistic aspect which exists in the global psychedelic scene. Whether it’s the amazing decorations, art installations, visual projections, performances, and of course – getting blown away and expanding our hearts and souls by pure psychedelic music of some of the best artists in the scene - which made us and the whole dance floor tremble in a flowing, wavy and united rhythm all at once.

Over the years, Some tracks got the impact of a classic electronic masterpiece – Every time, Simply EVERY TIME they were played, the vibration would shift into a very specific portal of a familiar dimension that yet, showed a new resonance with the dance floor – something that is uniquely magical to some very specific tracks. So here are 10 iconic psytrance tracks that got the lab’s third eye throughout the years.

Prana – Alien pets

The Legendary Prana - An electronic music trio made by Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Nick Taylor and Andy Guthrie.

“Alien Pets” is a track from one of the most pioneer albums ‘Geomantik’’ Which was first released back in 1997, Through the scene conductive label Matsuri Records. This track is surely a high speed vision – with an old school stomach punching kick, crunchy fast bassline that literally speaks, and sound designs that were extremely rare at the time – pure explorative expression which created this masterpiece that we know as ‘Alien Pets’

Click here to listen

Hallucinogen – Jiggle Of The Sphinx

Another pure masterpiece, Coming from the brain of the one and only audio alchemist – Simon Posford.

‘Jiggle Of The Sphinx’ is a track from Posford’s 2nd album – The Lone Deranger, which was released in 1997 and until this day is one of the most impacting trance albums ever created.

With high level engineering and production, sounds that scream, talk, laugh and whispers at you all at the same time – being escorted by a psychedelic orchestra of kick, snare and bassline, ‘The Jiggle Of The Sphinx’ Is sure an influential – and isn’t going anywhere.

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Ubar Tmar – Flying Saucer Landing

One of Japan’s most obvious psychedelic aliens is Ubar Tmar. Him and Tsuyoshi Suzuki had joined hands in various tracks and are pretty much responsible to the beginning of the Japanese trance production.

‘Flying Saucer Landing’ is a track from Ubar Tmar’s album ‘Prophecy’ – which was first released on ‘Dancing Mountain Records, Back in 1996.A pure alien landing – An encounter with the higher beings and deeper massages – with a total Japanese freakiness.

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Parasonix – Warp Phase

A duo project by Nick taylor and Sean Candy which are the naughty professors that created this track. Sweeping goa vibes, alongside wild Australian attitude – combined into a groovy breaking loose track that has a big role in the development of the contemporary trance music that we know today. ‘Warp Phase’ was released on the album ‘The Wizardy Of Oz’, also back in 1996 through Psy Harmonics Record label.

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X-Dream – Our Own Happiness

The 90’s were truly magical, regarding to the beginning of what we know today as Goa trance. It reached globally extremely fast and revealed so many talented artists, Which ‘X dream’ are sure one of the most outstanding duo that was in the psytrance spotlight in that time. Released through Tunnel records, ‘We created our own happiness’ was an album everyone was expecting for. A big oiled psychedelic machine that came to purely spill her guts on us and see what will be the outcomes.

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Shpongle (Raja Ram & Simon Posford) – Diving Moments of Truth

Even though this is not a Psytrance track, ‘Divine moments of truth’, taken from the album “Are you Shpongled?” that was released in 1997, is one of Shpongle’s most iconic tracks which amazed the global psychedelic music scene. This whole album and specifically this track was something completely new to everyone. Millions of people got their mind set changed because of this track, artists and producers got inspired by it and ever since it came out – endless versions of remixes were born. For those of you who have been living in outer space for the last 20 years, Shpongle is a duo made by Raja Ram & Simon Posford.

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Juan Verdera – Spiritual Healing

Well.. When it comes to expressing an emotional process through music – nothing really can go wrong. An emotional ride into the listener’s heart and letting him expose everything he has inside – true freedom. ‘Spiritual Healing’ came out on 1998 and did exactly that. Some of us in the lab are ling time players in the festivals scene and we have to admit that no matter what, This track was, is and will be a true classic that will always carry a message of love and would make thousands of people dance at the same time.

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Astrix – Life System

When Astrix released his first debut album “Eye To Eye” in Hommega records back in 2002, Something different was making its way extremely fast into the psychedelic scene. A pioneer which made the psytrance scene tremble with one album, and the rest is history. The first track ‘Life system’, swept millions of minds and bodies since then. And by that, staying strong in the list of the lab’s iconic tracks.

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Ace ventura – Serenity Now

Remember the first of September 2007?

The day Where the psychedelic scene got to experience Ace Ventura for the first time with his debut refreshing album ‘Rebirth’.

‘Serenity now’ is the 1st track after the intro – And sure does gave the world the feeling of “we don’t know what we’re dealing with here”, Exactly as is says on the track itself. A new vibration of psychedelic trance that to this day remains a masterpiece which inspired many producers that we know today, to follow the style and start progressing towards conquering dance floors.

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Captain Hook & Freedom Fighters - Marshmallows

“You may even feel like you’re walking on marshmallows” – A sentence that will forever be engraved in the core of the global psychedelic scene. ‘Marshmallows’ made an immediate impact and got everyone totally mind blown. To this day, This track is still being played and when it does – you can’t ignore the funny and nostalgic vibe it always managed to spread around. Released on Captain hook’s debut album “Human Design” in 2011

Click here to listen

So, Here are 10 iconic psytrance tracks that got the lab’s minds and hearts, To be honest there are way more that are spreading on a time scale from the early 90s’ to this day. But no doubt that these ones are sure to remember – given the fact that they were amazing escorts and inspiration throughout our process of making artwear. Take some time for yourself – click on those links we've put under each and enjoy the ride.

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So till the next time, Keep it musical :)