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Plazmalab festival guide - 5 best psychedelic festivals in U.S.A

13 March, 2023

When it comes to art, Plazmalab is a all over the place -  From massive stages decorations to art installations, digital designs, prints, clothes and tiny art accessories. With the being said, There is one thing the lab cannot pass the day without - Yes, We are talking about MUSIC.
Music has the power to change perspectives, mindsets, has the potential to release the human being from his daily distractions and simply make him feel more calm, charged, relaxed and ALIVE.

In this article we are going to share with you all, What we think are the top 5 psychedelic festivals in the U.S.A which you must read about - and hopefully participate in at least one of them just to understand what we are talking about here.

So let's go, shall we?

Oregon Eclipse Festival - Snake valley, Oregon
One of the biggest psychedelic events the u.s.a have ever felt and seen.
A secluded farm deep Oregon’s Snake River valley which hosts a venue for a festival rich with high quality science, writers, explorers and music artists.
Massive stages, endless genres of music and workshops, coming to bring the people together in a big wide venue. Oregon Eclipse has Trance, Glitch, Downtempo, Psydub, Bass music and many more electronic music styles to enter your mind and free your soul 🙂

Lightning In A Bottle Festival - California
A unique experience which goes beyond any other ordinary music festival.
Lightning in a bottle is a magical event which opens a big portal that gives a chance to feel and explore, to dance, have fun, enrich and inspire, learn and of course - let go.
A wild festival that grows and shifts every year, accepting both old and new friends coming together to celebrate life and love.

Sonic Bloom Festival - Colorado
Somewhere deep in the Colorado mountains and wilderness - The hummingbird ranch resides and hosts Sonic Bloom Festival since 2015.
This festival is all about opening up, having the best times, connecting deeper to the self and expanding it to other human beings, laughing, feeling free and of course - DANCING
Sonic Bloom festival offers a wide venue of art, workshops, healing zones and crazy diverse musical lineups.

Burning Man Festival - Nevada
Deep in the Nevada desert - A massive gathering takes place each year - Bringing people together in order to have an amazing dusty time with mega structures, statues, installments and decoration.
A non-money festival where everything is based on sharing, trading and helping each other out without any kind of financial currency.
Endless camps with different types of music are scattered all around this temporary mega city - which in the end, a MASSIVE wooden man statue is being burned down to the ground - to remind us all where we came from - and where we are going back to 🙂

Red rocks park and Amphitheater - Colorado.
Although it’s not an actual festival, Red Rocks is one of the most well known and biggest music venues, where so many artists have spread their message from this enormous stage.
Kalya Scintilla, Tipper, Detox Unit, Resonant language and Drrtywulvz are just a tiny part of the endless list of psychedelic music artists that played there. 
The atmosphere is magical, ancient and empowering, giving human beings a taste of a beautiful, intense, psychedelic and mind blowing musical experience deep in the wild nature.


So, If you’re reading this and got interested in these events - make sure you do that and getting yourself a ticket. 
Most chances that you will bump into some of  the lab's jackets, shirts, hoodies and many more - since our lovely friends are representatives with our nomad shop. 

The lab wishes you a safe journey and full universal blessings on your way to one of these festivals, or maybe all of them :) 

One love