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Plzamalab's 3 musical ear catching rising psytrance artists

23 November, 2022

Rising stars in the psychedelic electronic music scene - Psytrance

Every now and then, a new discovery is being made - revealing genius artists which are spreading their message in the ever growing and diverse electronic music scene.
Whether it’s in the psytrance, downtempo, bass music, chillout and ambient music, there are always some surprising and unique vibrations which are coming from a specific individual - opening  the human heart into deeper portals of emotions, awareness and consciousness.
Apart from making fashionwear, Plazmalab is a freak of psychedelic music in all shapes and forms - keeping a wide eye on the development and evolution of new musical artists.
In this and following articles - The lab is going to expose some musical shining rising stars  from different genres, which are currently climbing up the psychedelic ladder and making their way to the golden top. This specific article is going to expose you to the ones who shine in the Psytrance scene. 
Yoni Dagan, A psytrance music producer who works behind the project ‘Libra’.
Throughout the years, Libra’s music got recognition almost instantly, which made this project to stand out in the front of the worldwide psytrance scene. 
‘Libra’ carries a unique imprint and his style is combined from diverse inspirations such as old school goa trance and super futuristic vibrations which are harmonized by a new age production approach, sophisticated sound design and outstanding grooves. 
After conquering all possible dancefloor in his homeland, Yoni got to travel with his ‘Libra’ energies in the world and to spread his unique message in Ozora festival, Hilltop Goa, Indian Spirit, Xxxperience festival and many more events around the earth.
A highly recommended music project to keep an open ear on. 

The new age electronic music shaman. Dekel Kamiosky is a young israeli music producer, who is currently one of the most popular and wanted artists all over the world. 
Dekel’s music isn't really easy to put into words, like any other really good music that enters the heart in such a pure way.
With his Extremely sharp and accurate banger debut EP ‘Technoid’, Dekel’s vibrations got out of israel and went all over the earth, leaving massive dancefloors in a deep psychedelic bubble which combines intensity, relief, light and darkness - in one big ceremonial feeling of inner process. 
With his current outstanding place in the famous label 'Stereo Society' , Dekel is conquering dancefloors and hearts with his unique music, making a massive contribution to the worldwide psytrance scene with his ritualistic vibrations. A big MUST to keep in your artist list. 

Asaf Tsemach - An electronic music producer who stands behind the rising and successful psychedelic trance project ‘Modus’.
Back in 2017, His blasting debut  ‘Organic Panic’ which saw light in the one of the most popular labels HOMmega Records, made Modus’s music swirl rapidly into the massive psytrance scene and take place in almost every well known festival. 
After several releases through HOMmega, Nano records, Stereo Society (his current home label) and more, Asaf made a massive impact all over the world and playing in massive events including Ozora festival, Universo Paralello, Antaris festival, Freedom festival and many more well respected dance floors all over the world.
Modus’s latest album ‘The future is behind us’, which contains 9 all original tracks from Asaf’s mind - received a big recognition in the psychedelic scene which got many people to say the same: “it’s a super diverse, interesting, creative, new and unique music”
What else is there to say? well, you should definitely keep an eye on this dude 🙂


Plazmalab is simply humbled to know all of these guys on a personal level, seeing them collaborating with the Plazmalab vibe and wearing our art wear all over the world. We sure stand behind the saying that they are all amazing human beings with a massive open heart - otherwise their music would not sound like it does. 
So if you don't know these guys by now - You most definitely should!
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See you in our shops, or around the global dance floor :)