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Alien Art - the new psychedelic musical vision by Ace Ventura & Captain Hook

01 February, 2023

Plazmalab is a total freak of art - Whether it’s fashion, Architecture, Digital art, And of course - Music 🙂
Throughout our travels on this amazing earth, bouncing from one continent to another, exploring the musical events and festivals that humanity has to offer -  we surely got to experience a whole bunch of amazingly talented creatures which spread out their vibration and allowed people to connect to themselves in unimaginable ways. Some of these artists are true long time devoted players in the psychedelic scene and have a wide significant stand on the evolution of psychedelic music as we know it. 
In this article we will talk about two aliens in a human costume which are giving their messages for over 20 years, Each with his one genius project - That decided to join forces not in a collaboration - But in a full project which will provide the psychedelic humanity a new wide path for self exploration through music 🙂

Yoni Oshrat aka Ace Ventura
One of the most leading artists on the psychedelic scene. Whether it’s his stunning dj capabilities or his original live sets, Ace Ventura keeps conquering charts and dance floors in every possible platform and festival around the world. With his leading sounds and mind lifting beats and melodies - Ace ventura is a project which leaves a significant mark wherever he’s playing, time after time - since the early 2000.

Reshef harari aka Captain Hook
Another top and highly well known artist that has been cruising the world as the musical captain with his psychedelic trance ship for a very long time.
Captain Hook is a frequency shifter, literally playing around and creating new shapes and forms of sound with his unique engineer capabilities. With endless releases, collaborations, remixes and compilations, He always manages to stay evolutionary, new and progressive, opening people’s hearts and minds.

Both of these guys have a deep and massive impact on the world with their individual projects,
Now let's take a deep dive into their united vision. If you don’t know it by now, here’s your perfect chance to get familiar with their new project - Alien Art

The only true way to accurately describe what these guys are able to do together in a music studio is to listen to their creations. But just to let you all know - That from the Plazmalab’s point of view - We’re talking about a very special project. Moving tribal rhythms combined with deep sounds and melodies, keeping the pure loyalty to the source while moving forward with futuristic sound engineering, “Alien Art” literally feels like an organism which came from another dimension  and landed straight into our reality in order to make a psychedelic musical difference. Both Yoni and Reshef are devoted explorers of time and space through music and in this project they surely managed to achieve a significant ancient futuristic musical journey.

So, The lab highly recommends these guys. And from close and personal friendship throughout so many years, We are honored to have them around, supporting the lab’s vision and spreading it along with their musical voyages.
Take some time to yourself - put your speakers on high volume and play some Alien Art music. 
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