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Exclusive collaboration with talented tattoo artist NOAM YONA

19 July, 2020

We're so extied to share with you our Exclusive collaboration with talented tattoo artist NOAM YONA.

Our psywear & urban street clothing and fashion design have walked alongside our passion for body art tattoo, this is a fact that the psychedelic ?scene and trance festival scene are linked to the body art of tattooing( just check out all of our modeling artist and pic in our online store - we are mostly all tattooed).
We are very proud to enounce this amazing collaboration with the talented tattoo artist Noam Yona, we created a stunning urban tattoo clothing collection for ?all of you crazy tattoo lovers for this summer?.
Well it was lots of fun, enjoying the experience with such a tattoo artist like Noam? and all of his amazing tattoo artists in the local tattoo studio?, and the true connection between what we do at Plazmalab studio and what Noam in his tattoo art studio, we have created a perfect tattoo urban clothing Experience - we are amazed by ?our new Men & Women T-shirt collection - don't miss out on taking a close look.