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Summer Festival Season 2022 - Plazmalab Guide

01 June, 2022

The summer is right around the corner, we can already feel the hot vibrations coming from the sun, giving us a nice armored soul towards the massive waves

of psychedelic events, gatherings and festivals all around the world.

It has been so long.. TOO long, since freedom was pretty much taken away from everyone.

It was a compulsive, yet important lesson about letting go and diving deep into the core of self, discovering and empowering the inner light, observing the process of life on a very deep level and of course, learning how to act from love - embracing the fears and going through them.

And now, the time has come. This festival season, which lies right before us, will be a massive golden explosion of pure light that was kept and nurtured within the heart and soul for over two years. A massive collective celebration of freedom, music, art, love and life.

We wanted to share with you all that this year we are going full power unstoppable.
This season we will be dwelling through the lands of the world with our nomad Plazmashop and we sure have plenty of new goodies to share with you all. psychedelic fashion, art, prints, hats, bags and plenty of other surprises that we will let you see by yourself when the time comes.

So, let's go through some festivals that Plazmashop will be open for you, shall we?

Lightning In A Bottle Festival - Central California, USA

May 25 - 30

A magical collective gathering that brings so much joy, love and freedom to the heart of anyone who steps on the festival’s land. Offering  super colorful musical journeys from any psychedelic genre you can imagine, live art and performances and a new age electronic hippie vibration that simply takes your heart and gives it a warm long hug during the days of the festival :)

Sonic Bloom Festival - Colorado, USA

June 16 - 19

On the high mountains of Colorado, Sonic bloom is an amazing gathering of people that comes and unite on one big land, celebrating life, freedom and the love for deep exploration through psychedelic musical vibrations. a highly recommended festival so if you’re around, make sure you are there.

Fusion Festival - Germany

June 29 - July 3

BIG - That’s what fusion Festival is about. Massive stages, stunning visual art and projections, endless avenues of shops from all kinds of anything you can possibly think of, and of course, a list of musical artists that goes on and on in a way that brings confusion from the fusion - which is exactly how we like it ;)  see you there!!

Masters Of Puppets Festival - Czech Republic

July 4 - 10

Pure psychedelic darkness. Compulsive therapy :)  A gathering for the brave souls which seeks to find their inner core with the most intense, fast, knee shaking and mind bursting music. Even though the atmosphere and concept of this festival is all about darkness, it feels that there is a beautiful process of embracing love that grows from the lowest point, to the highest, taking everyone on a black, yet super colorful psychedelic journey.

Boom festival - Portugal
July 22 - 29

Well, what is there more to say about this mega psychedelic gathering.. a perfect experience for anyone who seeks to expand himself from the inside out, exploring the beauty which Boomland has to offer, endless performances, shows, lectures, workshops and of course a massive variety of music from all edges of genres and styles.

Ozora Festival - Hungary

August 1 - 7

Another one of the biggest and known festivals.
With massive green hills and valleys that welcomes everyone to settle down and build a home, and go on an adventure in one of the best festivals out there.


Modem Festival - Croatia

August 8 - 14

One of the best dark psychedelic gatherings you can find. 

Modem Festival is well known for it’s amazing location, Pretty much in the middle of nowhere, A stunning arsenal of Psychedelic music from the highest dimensions which spreads on more than 3 different stages, And visual Projections that takes your eyes captive and will leave them wide open in the most psychedelic way you can think of.

Hadra Trance Festival - France
August 25 - 28

Ohhh the French people. It feels like they are all about fun and games, laughter and good vibrations. Hadra Festival is a beautiful gathering that earned a very good reputation. Whether it is the amazing vibration they manage to bring, the musical variety, art and theater vibes and many more psychedelic, funny, and weird surprises, Hadra is for sure a recommendation. 


Yeah, quite a list eh? We already told you that this summer we’re on FULL POWER mode.

So wherever you are, come say hello.
We are waiting for you all with open and loving arms.


See you very soon,